Boot/Initialization Stage

Boot involves the Mangle appliance powering on and the containers being setup.

At the end of boot or initialization phase, the Mangle application should be available at URL: https:///mangle-services and the default admin user should be prompted to change password on login.

Boot Failures

Support Information

Provide the following information to support if encountering Boot Stage failures:

  • Is this a fresh deploy or an upgrade?

    • If upgrading, what version is the old Mangle application?

  • Were any changes made to the Mangle configuration at the time of deployment?

    • If yes, what changes?

  • Are you able to view the web page at http://?

    • If no, did you provide custom TLS certificates during the Deployment Stage?

      • If yes and the version is 1.3.1 or less, verify the format is correct [Certificate


      • Run journalctl -u fileserverand provide the entire resulting output to support

    • If no, attempt SSH debugging in the following step.

  • Are you able to SSH into the Mangle appliance? If no, continue with [Network


    • Please obtain a Mangle appliance support bundle

Network Troubleshooting

  • Does the VM console of the deployed Mangle appliance show an IP address? Is this address the expected

    value based on DHCP or provided static IP settings?

  • Do you have a route to the deployed Mangle appliance's IP address?

    • ping

      • If ping is successful, but SSH is not, check network firewall settings.

      • If ping is not successful, check network settings and continue with [Console


Console Troubleshooting

The goal of this step is to be able to SSH to the Mangle appliance to allow for better debugging information to be obtained from the appliance.

  • Access the vSphere console for the Mangle appliance. Press ALT + F2 to access the login prompt.

    • Login with username root and the credentials you provided in the OVA deployment

      customization. If the deployment has failed to set your credentials, the default password is


    • Are there any startup components that failed to start?

      • Run docker ps. It should list two or three containers in running state; mangle or mangleWEB, mangleDB and the mangle-vsphere-adapter.

        • If no, continue with the next steps. If DB container is not running execute:

          docker start mangleDB. Wait for 10-20 seconds and run docker start mangleWEB. Wait for a couple of seconds and see if the portal below can be reached.

    • Run ip addr show

      • Is the IP address the expected value based on DHCP or provided static IP settings?

    • Run ip route show

      • Is the default route valid?

    • Can you ping the default gateway? Run ping. Obtain the default gateway IP from the ip route show command output.

      • If no, check your network settings. Attach the Mangle appliance to a network that has a valid

        route between your client and the appliance.

      • If yes, verify the routing configuration between the client that is unable to SSH to the mangle appliance.

    • If still unable to SSH to the Mangle appliance, provide the output of the following commands to


      • docker start mangleDB

      • docker start mangleWEB

      • ip addr show

      • ip route show

      • ping

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